Resources from the PURA Syndrome 2022 Virtual Conference | June 10–13, 18

PURA Ambassadors

Contact Information for our PURA Ambassadors:

[email protected] – Melanie

[email protected] – Jennifer
[email protected] – Francesca
[email protected] – Mireia
[email protected] – Melissa
Introduction to the Global Research Network
The Kindness Method
Self Care for Caregivers
Building Confidence with Body Language and Communication Skills

Resources from the PURA Syndrome 2021 Virtual Conference | June 5–12

Financial Planning

Contact Information for the Presenters:

Nicholas A. Lambros, Esq.
Lambros Law Office LLC
100 Midway Road, Suite 16
Cranston, Rhode Island 02920
Phone number: (401) 383-9899
[email protected]


Tony Ruzzo, CPFA, CRPC, CFP
Merrill Wealth Management Advisor
One Financial Plaza, Suite 2300
Providence, RI 02903
Phone number: (401) 863-8628
[email protected]

Getting Into Your Child’s World: Speech and Language Therapy with Rachael Rose
In James’ Shoes: A Story of Hope and the JPC Community Farm with Paul & Julie Connaughton
Introduction to Epilepsy with Richard Leventer
Music for Connection and Communication I & II with Miriam Tart

For Session I: Found Sound Ideas

For Session II: Count On Me Songwriting

Sharing Zone with Caroline Thorpe
When the Stress of the NICU/PICU Goes Away, Trauma May Last with Casey Jones